> whoami

My name is Crystal Bulmahn. I'm a programmer.

Compared to most of the people I know in real life, I seem weird and overly intellectual. I'm okay with that.

I used to play a lot of videos games, read a lot of fiction, and watch a lot of television, anime, and movies, but lately I've been thinking of these activities as mental junk food. I'm now trying to get my sense of achievement and mental stimulation from treating the real world like it's an interesting and learnable challenge.

I spend my free time coding, reading, writing, and studying the world and the minds in it. I've recently been most drawn to the topics of:

  • rationality,
  • neuroscience,
  • math,
  • artificial intelligence,
  • cybersecurity,
  • decision theory,
  • game theory,
  • and behavioral economics.

These topics feel like they contain key quest items and insights that humanity is going to need if we're going to survive long into the future.

Aside from this blog, you can find me online in a few others places:

  • Goodreads | Where I track books I've read or want to read.
  • GitHub | Where I keep some of my practice code and keep track of interesting projects from other GitHub users.
  • Twitter | Where I say things that aren't very useful and find information from other thinkers who tweet about the topics I mentioned above.
  • Instagram | Where I put pictures of me, my cat, and miscellaneous colorful stuff.