> whoami

I'm Crystal Bulmahn, and I'm honestly not sure what else is important for you to know about me.

Attempts to define a person in "about me" boxes lead to forming wrong ideas about them. Even if they don't lie.

Are you your education? Are you your career? Are you your relationship status or gender? Are you defined by having a certain number of kids or pets? Are you your hobbies? What about political affiliations? Religion? Tattoos? Piercings? Groups you associate with? Can you be reduced to the accomplishments and milestones you can tick off?

Those are rhetorical questions. You lose points if you answered anything other than NO. People are too complex to be written down. (Yet anyway.)

You can never truly know a person any more than you can define who they are. It's hard to even know yourself if you aren't dedicated to researching you.

So there's all that. In order to put more here about me, I have to get through asking myself, "Is this really the most important thing for someone to know about me? Is this what I want to be known for?" And maybe more significantly, is this what I want the Great Google Engine to serve up to someone searching my name?

Maybe I'm being too existential about it. Maybe you just want me to say a few pithy things about myself so you can file me into a mental bucket.

People love labelling.

Would the answers to a questionnaire help? Alright, sure, whatever. Now that I've said a bit on the futility of trying to define someone, I'm thinking you don't care. I'll leave it up to you to apply your judgments with or without care.

Or maybe you want to see what I look like. This is very recent:

Crystal wearing an owl hat

I'm in a bookstore in that photo. Right before the picture was taken, I was looking at a book of dogs swimming underwater that made me smile and laugh. Then someone handed me a fun owl hat from a nearby shelf.