Dealing with comments isn't worth it to me anymore.

I'm talking about allowing comments on this blog. I get so much spam. Plugins filter it so it usually doesn't appear on the site, but it still seems insane to me to deal with many thousands of spam comments just in case some human passerby wants to leave a thought on the wall.


  1. I'm no better at replying to my comments than I am at replying to my emails. It's basically a public inbox and I don't actually want another inbox. People already get mad at me for not answering their emails. Or texts. Or phone calls.
  2. A big chunk of the non-spam comments are dumb.

Finally, allowing comments is something I didn't want to deal with if I switched to running my website on a static generator rather than WordPress. It seems standard to use Disqus, an outside service, for comments on statically generated websites, and I'm not interested in someone else owning and managing my comments. WordPress had a nice built in solution. But if I'm shutting off comments anyway, it's no longer a point against switching.

Update: Sept. 12, 2014
Here's an article I like about how shitty comments are.